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A new 25th Anniversary Sub Committee was formed to formulate a plan for 2015. This was requested from the Chairman of the Management Committee.

Alistair Clark, Stuart Cheyne, Drew Balfour, and Walter Heslop, form the nucleus of the group with ad-hoc assistance from Andrew Cooper, Ian Grimmer, Peter Thomson and Alasdair Macgregor.

The Philosophy was to initially form a plan and establish what we wanted to promote to the membership.

After months of meetings we concluded on the following:

A Commemorative Branding for our 25 years existence

Wall Graphics, incorporating a multi media large screen interactive display

Branded merchandise for sale in the Pro Shop

Branded 15 year old Malt Whisky

Redesign of Newmachar Golf Club Website

Commemorative tree planting in memory of the late Dave Thomas

Celebration fun golf day

The Branding:
For an explanation on the concept of the branding click here:

Wall Graphics and Interactive Display:
Review and selection of Newmachar Golf Club’s archived photos, videos, data and memorabilia and transfer to digital media.
The purpose of this was to record significant timelines and milestones in the Club’s history in order to create a legacy for future generations at Newmachar Golf Club.

Branded Merchandise:
Design and create 40mm metal ball markers featuring our late Course Designer Dave Thomas.

Branded 15 year old Malt Whisky:
Purchase bottles of selected 15 year old Malt Whisky, have it branded with the Newmachar Anniversary labelling and available for sale to members and visitors at the bar.

Redesign of Newmachar Golf Club Website:
Design and build of new user friendly full screen web site. The site is responsive and mobile friendly and gives easy links to news and bookings.

Tree Planting:
Obtain family approval for planting of a tree, as a tribute to Dave Thomas, the course designer.

Celebration fun golf day:
Organise a Members celebration fun golf day, on Sat 26th September 2015, over both courses at Newmachar.
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